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What is Otherworldly Romance?

An author event where authors of otherworldly romance stories can connect with their more than willing human sacrifices.

What is Otherworldly?

Otherworldly is for authors who write romance involving shifters, aliens, orcs, Fae, witches, and much more! Basically, if one or more of the MCs are not completely human, that makes it otherworldly.

Where: Minneapolis, MN

When: October 2024


I'm an author. How do I sign up?

Authors can sign up here.

I'm a reader and I want to attend! How do I purchase a ticket?

Tickets are not on sale at the moment. Join our waitlist and get updates as the happen. Also, don't forget to follow @otherworldlyromance on Instagram!

I sell bookish and/or otherworldly things. Can I participate?

Absolutely! We would love to have you join us. Vendors can sign up here.

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